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Education in Wales

The RSPB believes that nature should be part of every child’s life. A 'connection to nature' brings benefits to education, health, wellbeing and social skills. We’re committed to getting the children of Wales closer to nature.

A connection to nature

Sadly, UK-wide research has shown that children living in Wales are the least connected to nature. Only 13 per cent of Welsh children have a good connection with nature, compared to a UK average of 21 per cent.

Why does this matter? When children and young people are connected to nature, their education, physical health, emotional wellbeing, personal and social skills are affected positively, and it helps them become responsible citizens.

The UK’s nature is in deep trouble. The State of Nature report found that 60 per cent of species assessed had declined during recent decades. Even some of our most familiar species, such as hedgehogs, sparrows and starlings, have suffered population declines. Nature needs children to help change the future for the better, and children need nature, too.

The RSPB works actively in Wales to get children closer to nature, by working with teachers, schools and other organisations through a broad range of schemes and activities.

Children from the Chough Club based at St.Just Primary School, pretending to be Choughs, Botallack, Cornwall, England
Girls looking at minibeasts

School visits to nature reserves

Summer school at RSPB Conwy nature reserve

Learning about the natural world outside the classroom gives children an experience they’ll remember, and a chance to try new and exciting things.

Three of our Welsh nature reserves – Conwy in north Wales, Lake Vyrnwy in Powys, and Newport Wetlands in south Wales – offer teachers and classes a variety of activities that complement the National Curriculum for Wales.

Big Schools' Birdwatch

Goldfinches on bird feeder

Across Wales, thousands of schoolchildren and teachers take part in Big Schools' Birdwatch each year. The survey is part of the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch - the world's biggest garden wildlife survey.

We provide teachers everything they need to take part, with tips, advice and resources for fun and informative lessons.


We want to inspire the next generation of teachers, as well the children they teach. 

RSPB Cymru provides training for qualified teachers and trainees in outdoor learning. As well as getting children out into nature on our reserves, we offer sessions for primary and secondary school teachers and college tutors, supporting them with resources.

At universities in Wales we run workshops for trainee teachers, focusing on the value of outdoor learning and what it can offer as a place to learn.