RSPB Make and Do activities, Pooter, sucking up specimen

Nature detective equipment

Become a wildlife detective with these step-by-step downloadable resources.

RSPB Make and Do activities; Potato Traps, looking for what has been eating potatos

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Get a bug’s-eye view with an old drinks bottle and make a brilliant two-in-one bug catcher. PDF, 764Kb.

Make a bottle bug catcher

Find out what’s running around at night! PDF, 121Kb.

Make a pitfall trap

Here’s a really clever way to catch bugs and see them up close. PDF, 145Kb.

Make a pooter

Are there monsters in the pond? Find out by making a net to catch them. PDF, 1.03Mb.

Make a pond dipping net

Put out baked potatoes and then find out what’s been eating into them. PDF, 1.12Mb.

Make a potato trap

Make the perfect bug-catcher for long grass. PDF, 1.33Mb.

Make a sweep net

Find out what has been out at night with this animal tracker. PDF, 173Kb.

Make an animal tracker