Girl playing with water sculpture

Food and water for nature

Download resources that show you how to provide food and water for nature.

Make and Do bird kebabs, food on wire ready to be completed

Things to make and do

Simple step by step guides.

Things to make and do

Create one of these and the birds will feed very “h-apple-y”. PDF, 868Kb.

Make an apple bird feeder

Make a yummy kebab of food and wait for the birds to invite themselves for lunch. PDF, 820Kb.

Make a bird kebab

Butterflies suck up sweet nectar from flowers or ripe fruit. Tempt them with this drink. PDF, 1.37Mb.

Make a butterfly bar

Make a real treat for birds in the winter. PDF, 839Kb.

Make a pine cone bird feeder

Grow salad plants that you can eat, and let butterfly caterpillars have the leftovers! PDF, 1.97Mb.

Make a salad garden

Here’s a clever way to give birds water – and the tray will keep topping itself up! PDF, 1.03Mb.

Make a self filling water tray