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School trip ideas

Immerse your class in hands-on learning with an educational school visit to one of our fabulous nature reserves. It's a great opportunity to inspire them to talk about their science and geography learning while fully engaging in the great outdoors.

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“It’s just funner to learn outdoors”

Children all have different learning styles, and for many, discovering the natural world outdoors can make a big difference. But don’t take our word for it…

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Supporting curriculum-based learning

Our sessions are led by RSPB educators who are specialists in their field and able to engage all abilities while helping you meet your learning objectives.


  • Curriculum linked half or full day sessions
  • Varied and well-paced sessions
  • Get pupils working scientifically and using technical vocabulary in context
  • Build pupils’ resilience and character
  • Potential for ongoing learning back in the classroom
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"The sessions were pitched perfectly with an excellent range of teaching techniques, keeping my SEN and greater depth learners engaged all day."

- All Saints Academy

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School trips to nature reserves

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Visits to reserves

Come to an RSPB reserve near you and discover the delights of wildlife. These unique and memorable hands-on learning activities take place on our stunning reserves, bringing wildlife and nature to life.

Choose from a selection of half- or full-day programmes, and let us do the rest. We look forward to seeing you soon.


From 1st April 2018 prices are as follows


Primary & Early Years per pupil (inc VAT)

  • £4 per two-hour session, £6.50 for two sessions to make a full day. 
  • There is a minimum charge of £80 for a half day and £130 for a full day.


Secondary KS3 and KS4 per Student (inc VAT)

  • £5 per two-hour session, or £8 for a full day. 
  • There is a minimum charge of £100 half day and £160 for a full day.


A-level per student (inc VAT)

  • £6 for a half-day, or £10 for a full day. 
  • There is a minimum charge of £100 for a half-day and £160 for a full day.

These are our standard prices, there may be some local variation - please check when making your booking.


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"Outstanding introduction to my new topic - the children were immersed in their learning and I will be able to draw on their experiences for a series of lessons."

- Northfield School

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Learning outside the classroom quality badge


Most of our sites have been externally verified to ensure that we are providing high quality learning experiences and managing safety effectively via the LOtC Quality Badge scheme.

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Ongoing learning

It’s not just the day on a nature reserve that will benefit your students. Why not take the learning beyond the nature reserve and use the day as stimulus back in the classroom?

You could use the day to inspire their imaginative writing or as the basis for a non-fiction fact file. Or turn your minibeast hunt into a graph back in the classroom and compare with a similar search of the school grounds. While at secondary level, use the fieldwork data from your visit for detailed mathematical analysis and interpretation.

Visit our learning community page for the latest news, ideas and inspiration.

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Resources for you

Browse ideas, information, resources and projects to help you carry on learning after your visit.