Two school children identify a flower with magnifying glasses

Wild Challenge

Inspire your pupils with nature-based learning

The Wild Challenge award is a specially developed suite of activities for schools to engage children with nature and provide practical learning opportunities. Sign up to this free award scheme and take your class on an educational journey that could see them win gold!

Take your class on a wild adventure!

What is Wild Challenge?

This award scheme is all about supporting school-based learning. It enables pupils to apply curriculum knowledge and skills, as well to develop their resilience and sense of agency through outdoor learning.

There are 24 activities to choose from, each helping children to connect with and learn about nature. There are bronze, silver and gold awards to achieve depending on how many activities you do.

Wild Challenge provides a perfect framework for learning and is open to all ages and abilities. Mainly designed for primary aged school pupils in mainstream education, it can easily be adapted for Home Educators, pupils with Special Educational Needs and Early Years.

You can work through the award levels as quickly or as slowly as you like, and there’s something to do whatever your needs, location and whatever the weather!

How it works

All you need to do is create an account and an online profile and you can get started with your Wild Challenge.

The activities are divided into two sections - Help nature and Experience nature. There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To earn each award, complete six activities, made up of three from the Help nature section and three from Experience nature section.

As you do each activity, send us a piece of evidence to show that your class has done it. Simply submit a photo of what the children did with a line or two about what they learnt.

When you complete enough activities to reach an award, we'll send a personalised electronic certificate for each child to celebrate.

View over a young boys shoulder whilst he adds food waste to a compost heap

The RSPB and the LEGO Group have created a pack to help children unlock their creativity to help nature thrive.

Wild Challenge is enriching, creative and a great way to enable pupils to apply curriculum knowledge and skills

Why do Wild Challenge?