Bottlenose dolphin


Aberdeen is one of the best places in Europe to see bottlenose dolphins.

A dolphin jumping through the water near Aberdeen. Credit Fiona Emslie

Where to see dolphins

Torry Battery in Aberdeen is a fantastic spot to see dolphins all year round. With panoramic views of the harbour mouth and the North Sea, you may also enjoy spectacular sightings of marine wildlife such as seabirds, seals, otters and whales.


The best place to look for dolphins is between the orange breakwater wall and the lighthouse during the summer months when the dolphins can sometimes be seen feeding.


Aberdeen Harbour is the most reliable spot to see dolphins, but other great spots to visit are Cove Bay, Chanonry Point and Spey Bay.

A map showing the exact location of Torry Battery

Where is Torry Battery?

Torry Battery car park is off Greyhope Road in Aberdeen (approximate postcode AB11 9QY).


It overlooks Aberdeen harbour and is an excellent place to try to spot dolphins!

A dolphin leaping from the water with Aberdeen city in the background. Credit Fiona Emslie

Wild Aberdeen Trail

Aberdeen City, with its quirky fishing village, bustling harbour, majestic rivers and beautiful coastline, is an amazing location to live and visit. But what makes it extra special, is the variety of wildlife that can be seen here, from elusive otters, curious seals and cheeky gulls to charismatic dolphins.

Explore the city with new eyes with this Wild Aberdeen animal trail. Hidden around the city are five wild challenge activity boards to help you discover the incredible wildlife that call Aberdeen their home. 

Download the PDF trail map and learn more about each of the Wild Challenge activities below. 

A seal poking its head out of the water credit Sadie Gorvett

Pop up events

We will continue to connect people with the marine environment through pop up events around North East Scotland.


Keep up to date with pop up events taking place throughout the year on our Facebook page and the RSPB events page.



A woman showing off two interpretation boards at Torry Battery

What was Dolphinwatch?

Dolphinwatch aimed to engage locals, and visitors to Aberdeen, with the amazing marine wildlife on their doorstep, in particular the iconic bottlenose dolphins, while inspiring them to take action to help protect the marine environment.


Since 2013, through seasonal Dolphinwatch viewing, and in recent years schools, festivals and community outreach, 30,541 people were engaged with, over 4,000 children were connected to nature, over 500 bags of litter were collected and over 5,000 volunteer hours were contributed.


Dolphinwatch was a community project and we want to thank everyone who has supported and visited it throughout the years.


To celebrate and help people continue to enjoy this amazing area and wildlife, we have created dolphin spotting interpretation boards and a viewing bench at Torry Battery.

Funders & Supporters

Photography credits: Fiona Emslie and Sadie Gorvett