Bananas for Butterflies

Red admiral on banana
Under an hour

Butterflies love a sugary treat, especially during the Autumn when food is harder to find. An old banana will provide just that, but do beware that wasps and hornets might also like it too. Be sure to place them away from wherever you might be sitting! If you eat all your bananas before they go off, you can buy your own butterfly feeding kit from our shop

Red admiral on banana

Step-by-step guide

Four butterflies on banana

Take an old banana and while it's still in the skin, squeeze and mash it between your hands.


Pierce the skin of the banana with a knife and place it on a small tray in a quiet sunny spot. Try it with just one banana first to see if you get any takers!


What you will need

  • Old bananas
  • Knife
Butterfly feeding kit

Butterfly and bee nectar feeding station

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