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We’ve been campaigning for nature since we were formed in 1889 – and we’ll keep on fighting because nature needs us now more than ever. Tackling the nature and climate crisis is the fight that unites us all. Will you play your part?

It's time to act: we're facing a nature and climate crisis

The effects of the nature and climate crisis can already be seen, from the fires in Greece to the melting of the polar ice caps, and flash floods closer to home. If left unchecked, the long term consequences could be catastrophic. We must act now and demand those in power take immediate action to tackle the biggest threat humanity faces.


This is our opportunity to demonstrate our love for nature, and also to highlight the role of nature in the fight against climate change. It’s not too late to change the future - that's what our Revive Our World campaign is all about.


Together, we can revive our world.

Protester with sign that reads 'No nature, no future'

It’s your time

The nature and climate emergency affects us all. But we can make a difference. Find out how we can influence the conversation around the nature and climate emergency, and how taking an action for nature and the climate makes a difference, no matter how large or small.

Wave Climate Change march, London December 5, 2009

Not sure how to get started?

Never fear! We’ve got all the tools and resources you might need, whether you're campaigning from home, doing it face-to-face (when it's safe!) or using social media. Rest assured you’re joining a network of other Campaign Champions too, all working together for the same cause.

Become a Campaign Champion


Make your voice heard on issues you care about. Our network of Campaign Champions are vital in making sure that politicians and decision-makers know that issues affecting nature are important, and to persuade them to make a difference for nature.

The good news is a lot of it can be done from home!