Host your own bird song takeover

Show your love for the natural world, share bird song and host your own takeover event.

Top tips for a takeover

Get your friends involved, relax with bird song and entertain the little ones with our top tips.

  • Pick a time and a place when you’ll get everyone together. Keep it simple to be successful!
  • Remember, the idea is to spread the word about bird song and its beauty. 
  • Download the Birdsong Radio app so you’ve got a ready-made soundtrack and dig out our colouring patterns and baking recipes so you’re all prepared.
  • Send out your invitations in good time. We’ve even got some templates that you can use.
  • Let everyone know what you’ve done – share your takeover using #LetNatureSing

Host a bird song afternoon tea

Host your own afternoon tea to bring the joys of bird song to your friends! It’s simple – it’s an afternoon tea (as big or as small as you like), with that all-important bird song sound track. We’ve got everything you’ll need in both English and Welsh – recipe ideas, bunting, cake labels and posters!

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Bird song at work

Did you know that hearing bird song at work can make employees happier and more productive? Why not encourage your work mates to download and stream Birdsong Radio, or see if everyone would like to take a 10-minute bird song break? You can download the Birdsong Radio app or listen online. All of our resources below are provided in both English and Welsh.

Relax with bird song

Take time out from your busy life to relax and reflect – with a chirping, tweeting soundtrack. Whether you want to take it easy in a quiet place at home, or take a walk to a beautiful place, try it with Birdsong Radio in the background. Try our woodpecker knitting pattern, adult colouring task or our meditation tips, and let us know how you get on.

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Bird song for little ones

Use Birdsong Radio to encourage children to relax during quiet times or see what they can recognise with our bird song bingo game. Sadly, many of our most familiar and tuneful bird singers are under threat. We want children to grow up and be confident they’ll still hear bird song in their lifetime.

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Cheep-cheep, tweet

The natural sounds of bird song remind us of the beauty of the natural world, and therefore have the power to bring us back to nature, wherever we are. From Chaucer to Shakespeare and Handel to Beethoven, bird song has inspired us for centuries. See what it can do for you.