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Let Nature Sing in the General Election

The natural world we love is in crisis and time is running out. Take action during the General Election to help save it.

Politicians must act now to save our shared home

Will you vote for nature this general election?

This election don’t let nature fall silent.

Together we are powerful.

Tell politicians they must act now for our shared home.

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Use your vote to speak up for nature

With the General Election imminent, now is the perfect time to demand that nature is on the political agenda.

Let’s unite and send a message that can’t be ignored: all political parties need to commit to defending our shared home and set ambitious targets for nature’s recovery. 

Email your local candidates

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Our wildlife needs a powerful watchdog to make sure that habitats and biodiversity are protected. We also need legally binding targets for nature’s recovery that are enshrined in law. 

Email your local decision makers, tell them why nature matters to you and ask them: will they commit to tackling the climate and ecological crisis in their party manifesto?

Show your support with a poster

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Join the movement and make sure neighbours and door-to-door campaigners know that the future of our planet is a vital issue for you.

Display one of our posters to show everyone that you will be voting with nature in mind in the General Election.

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Ask candidates challenging questions

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A General Election gives us the opportunity to talk directly to candidates as they campaign. Let’s stand together and ask them: will they take action and Let Nature Sing? 

Visit local hustings and look out for politicians when you are out and about. They can often be found visiting local community events.

Download our W.I.L.D talking points and get the conversation going.

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Share your views

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Make your voice heard on social media and let the world know that you will be voting with nature in mind.

Download one of our bespoke images, share on Facebook and other social channels and use #LetNatureSing to get the message out. If politicians want our vote then they need to commit to protecting our wildlife and set bold targets for nature’s recovery.