Holly, Ilex aquifolium at edge of clearing. Bluebells in background. Coombes Valley RSPB reserve. Staffordshire, England. May 2007.

Local planning pack - England

We've split useful planning information into key areas to help better guide you through the maze of the planning system.

Useful planning information

To help you make the most of your voice, we've produced a set of leaflets which give you the power to influence local decisions and protect the wildlife which is important to you.

Please see our downloadable documents for more help and information.

What to do before a case

Use your local knowledge to influence development at an early stage.

By understanding the planning system and how to respond to planning applications, you may be able to prevent a harmful development, or even enhance a proposal's value to wildlife.

What to do now

When dealing with a live planning application, you will need to be objective and decide if there is a genuine case.

Wasting time on a weak element of your campaign may undermine other legitimate planning concerns.

Find out the key questions you need to ask in order to build a case for protecting wildlife through the planning system.

How to gain local support

The more people who know what you are trying to achieve, the more support you will likely get for your campaign. Find out how to get your local media and local politicians involved.


Your local council has a key role in maintaining the quality of your local environment. PDF, 160Kb.

Lobbying your local council

The more people who know about what you are trying to achieve, the more support you will get and the more likely decision‐makers will take your case seriously. PDF, 157Kb.

Getting your message across with local media

In England, the relevant local planning authority must make its decisions on planning applications in line with the policies found in their development plan. PDF, 537Kb.

The planning system

Find out how you can influence your council and help make your area more sustainable for the future. PDF, 179Kb.

Addressing climate change through planning

Neighbourhood planning is about letting the people who know about and care for an area, plan for it. PDF, 375Kb.

Neighbourhood planning

Environmental Impact Assessment FAQs

Dove Stone RSPB reserve, view showing reservoir and surrounding hills, March 2011

Find answers to frequently asked questions around Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) in England, including what they are and what they're used for.