Tools for effective campaigning

Help champion urban green spaces, secure ambitious green laws, protect special places and lobby businesses to do better. We’ve gathered all our tips and tricks in one place to help you make the change you want to see.

Meet the people with the power

Meeting in person is an incredibly effective way to get your message across.

Lobbying your politician, business leader or other local leader is not as hard as it seems. They are people, just like you, and it’s in their interests to listen to you. Plus, they will be used to being approached in this way. Here you’ll find plenty of tips and advice on how to meet them and have the greatest impact.

Tips on lobbying local government

For the skills and confidence (and a little advice from other activists) to lobby your MPs and local authorities on issues that concern you, watch our training webinars here.

Get your story in the media

Media coverage can be a great way to raise support and amplify your campaign.

Local media coverage can really boost a campaign, especially if the local paper or radio station champions your cause. Most elected representatives, business owners or other leaders are keen to keep a good profile, so coverage can help to swing their opinion. From press releases to interviews - we run through some tips and tricks.

The power of social media

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are a great way to spread the word and build support.

Sharing on social media platforms like Facebook is a great way of spreading your message via your friends and family, while Twitter gives you the chance to publicly message politicians and key environmental figures. Take a look at how you can make the different social platforms work best for you.


The personal touch of a hand-crafted gift really makes people stop and think. It’s a great way to pull on heartstrings and get noticed.

Craftivism has impact because it takes time and effort, and allows you to bring a uniquely personal touch to your message, which is not lost on the recipients of the items you make.

You can craft anything you like in any way you like. Usually people craft something related to the campaign they are supporting. For inspiration watch this video on bird-theme origami or read the instructions here. A quick internet search will also throw up lots of inspiring ideas.

You can be as creative as you like with what you do with your crafted items as well. You can hand them over when you meet your politician, or post them with a personal letter. Or you can get lots of people who support your campaign to craft their own items and hand them over together. You could even use all the items to produce an art installation which in turn could be used to generate content for social media, or press coverage. The ideas are endless!

Ask your MP to stand up for nature

We all can be the voice for nature. In the nature and climate emergency, nature suffers, which means we suffer too. If enough of us speak up for nature, decision-makers have to act. Our email template will allow you to quickly ask your local MP stand up for the nature issues that matter to you.

Use our template