Cirl Bunting protection site, RSPB Labrador Bay nature reserve, Devon

Travel green with an eco holiday

Watching your carbon footprint needn't mean not going on holiday. There are ways to travel and enjoy breaks both abroad and in the UK without hurting the planet.

Nature holidays & tourism

Nature tourism plays a huge role in encouraging people to support nature conservation. Seeing a species in the wild makes people care deeply about it and want to save it.

We know that RSPB supporters are keen travellers - in a recent survey, 45 per cent of you had been on more than three holidays in the last 12 months.

But some of you expressed concern about the environmental impacts of holidays.

So how can we balance a passion for travel, which has benefits for both people and wildlife, with impacts on the environment?

 Titchwell RSPB reserve, the beach

Nature friendly options

World in Slow Motion

It is possible to travel the world without racking up the air miles. Before he joined us, our Senior Parliamentary Office, Tom Fewins, travelled 45,000 miles around the world without getting on a plane!

Read his blog to find out what he did - it won the 2009 Lonely Planet Travel Blog award.

Well done Tom!

The Man in Seat Sixty-One

Check out The Man in Seat Sixty-One for tips and booking journeys by train or boat. If you've ever wanted to take a romantic long sea crossing, perhaps this is all the excuse you need...

Holidays in the UK: working together to save nature

A staycation is a great way to experience new places and explore the UK's natural environment. There are so many spectacles to see across the UK and wherever you choose to visit, you're never far from one of RSPB's 200+ nature reserves. Simply book your stay through to support our partnership.

During January, are helping the RSPB to regenerate 80,000 square metres of native woodland to provide vital homes for wildlife, store carbon to protect the climate and strengthen the forest for future generations.

Volunteer with us

Ever fancied working on an RSPB nature reserve? Some of our reserves, which you can reach by public transport, offer volunteering holidays with free accommodation. What better way to have fun while doing some good for the planet? You might do anything from hands-on conservation work and wildlife surveys to guided walks for visitors.

Rock pools and sea, looking up Belfast Lough with Grey Point fort outpost

Hurtigruten and the RSPB

King penguin Aptenodytes patagonicu staring out to sea, South Georgia, Antarctica

We’ve joined forces with Hurtigruten to give RSPB supporters 5 per cent off bookings and generate further donations for our vital conservation work.