When you complete certain activities or support the RSPB online you can receive badges.

They're our way of saying thanks

Our badges recognise that you're supporting our work and giving nature a home.

Currently, they are available if you complete a Giving Nature a Home activity. But we are rolling them out to other areas and activities – keep your eyes peeled and maybe you can be the first person to collect a brand new badge!

You can show off your badges on social media, or download and keep them for yourself. They’re also displayed on your profile and Giving Nature a Home badges are also displayed on each completed activity.

Types of badge

We've got six categories of Giving Nature a Home badge. Start making a home for wildlife in your garden and get collecting.

Helping hand

Help out nature and collect your helping hand badges.

It can be as simple as giving your mower a rest, composting your garden waste or giving wildlife a sunbed, but all these give nature a helping hand.

Once you've completed these activities, make sure you share it using #helpinghand

Helping hand badge
helping hand

Grubs up

Help nature where you live by putting out food and you could claim your grubs up badges.

Open up a hedgehog cafe, put out food for birds or even serve up a butterfly banquet, all attract nature to where you live.

And once you've put your food out, share with the world using #grubsup

Grubs up

Garden home

Give a home to nature and you could collect your garden home pages.

From homes for frogs to toads, hedgehogs and bees, there's something you can add wherever you live.

When you've built your wildlife des-res, share what's moved in with #gardenhome

Garden home

Home up high

Collect your home up high badges when you build a home for some high-flying residents!

Bats, swifts, sparrows and starlings all need homes too - it's just they need to be up high.

When they move in, share using #homeuphigh

Home up high badges
Home up high

Let it grow

Growing flowers in your garden not only looks beautiful, it helps nature and allows you to collect your let it grow badges.

Whether it's flowers for moths, birds or bees, wherever you live will be enhanced.

Share using #letitgrow and show how your flowers are giving nature a home.

Badges to collect
Let it grow

Pond life

Creating a pond is one of the best things you can do for nature - and could nab you our pond life badges.

Whether you've got room for a mini-pond or a large pond, your outdoor space will benefit - and they're not difficult either.

Once your pond is teeming with life, you can share it's progress using #pondlife

Pond life badges
Pond life