Abernethy RSPB reserve. Speyside, Scotland.

Let us take you to Abernethy

If you've never been to Abernethy, let us take you there.

Imagining Abernethy...

You're standing by the loch side. Overhead a passing osprey, effortlessly flying by in search of a tasty fish meal. Red squirrels scampering up trees, claws scratching the bark. A curious crested tit peers at you from a nearby branch, its 'purring trill' letting you know you've been spotted.

A goldeneye starts displaying on the glistening water of Lock Garten, trying to impress the female watchers. Strutting his stuff, neck-bobbing forward then onto his back. He stops and waits. Is she interested? Not this time.

You look closer at the water and notice it reflects the Cairngorms, rising majestically in the distance from behind the stately pine trees that are glowing red and orange in the early evening light.

And the air… so pure and clear. Breathtaking!

Only with your support can we expand this spectacular piece of the UK, creating the largest area of native woodland in Britain, and help some of the amazing birds highlighted below.

Please donate today and help us reshape the Scottish landscape forever.

Help us keep Abernethy special

RSPB Abernethy nature reserve, misty view towards hills.

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