Field margin at RSPB's Hope farm, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire

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  • 2000

    We have managed Hope Farm for nearly 20 years
  • 30 years

    Farmland birds have suffered massive declines since the 80s
  • 2,000

    The farm measures nearly 2,000 square metres in area

How your gift will help us

In 2000, we bought a working lowland arable farm, Hope Farm, in Cambridgeshire.

Run as a commercial enterprise we use Hope Farm to give hands on demonstrations of how farming can benefit birds and other wildlife without farmers losing income.

Your gift today will help us continue testing the introduction of new wildlife friendly farming techniques.

If you give a regular gift to Hope Farm, you will receive our newsletter, Impact, that will keep you updated on events at the farm. You'll also be invited to visit the project to see how your money is being spent.

RSPB Hope Farm, Cambridgeshire
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Your gift today will help us continue trialling new wildlife friendly farming techniques.

What we're doing

Over the past 30 years our farmland birds have suffered appalling losses, partly due to changing agricultural practices.

Through our work at Hope Farm we aim to show farmers and policy makers that farming can be both profitable, and help wildlife.

Lessons learnt are important to all the UK's wildlife on lowland arable farms.

Why we need your help

  • We want to sustain the RSPB's work on the farm – putting wildlife back at the centre of the UK's farmed countryside.
  • With a regular gift we can continue to show farmers the benefits of following our lead.
  • You will be helping wild birds on the UK's lowland farms thrive again.