Fulmars Fulmarus glacialis, in flight and the rising moon, Ramsey Island RSPB reserve, Wales

Friends of Ramsey Island

  • 1992

    We've managed and maintained the island reserve for 25 years
  • 120 m

    The height the rocky cliffs can tower over the sea below
  • 1 km

    The island is a stone's throw from the coast of Wales

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Why Ramsey Island is worth protecting

Bought by the RSPB in 1992, Ramsey Island is a truly spectacular island reserve, lying just one mile off the north Pembrokeshire coast.

The island is home to a healthy breeding chough population, important seabird colonies and one of the largest grey seal breeding populations in southern Britain.

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Two week old atlantic grey seal, Norfolk
Blue wood texture background

Ramsey Island is home to a wealth of wildlife. Please help us safeguard this spectacular island.

What we'll be doing

Our vision is to maintain the diversity of habitats across the island, so that they can support populations of nationally and internationally important plants, breeding birds, and other animals.

We also aim to provide a warm welcome and information for visitors so that the wildlife and landscape spectacle of Ramsey can be enjoyed by all.

Why we need your help

  • To provide optimum nesting and feeding conditions for both breeding and wintering choughs using traditional grazing.
  • To increase the number of burrow nesting seabirds like Manx shearwater by maintaining the islands rat-free status.
  • To study the numbers and life-cycle of seabirds and seals on the island, allowing us to protect these important populations and react quickly to any changes.
Sea cliffs with nesting sea birds at dusk, Ramsey Island RSPB reserve, Wales