A flock of lapwings take off from a freshwater lake

Change the world for birds

  • 70 species

    now on the UK Red List
  • 29%

    of UK bird species are now in serious trouble
  • First time

    white-tailed eagles have ever left the Red List

You can help take birds out of danger

The 2021 Birds of Conservation Concern Report is sobering. Familiar birds like swifts and greenfinches have joined the Red List for the first time. The nature crisis runs deep.

But there’s hope, thanks to amazing people like you who give so generously. Red kites, bitterns, and ospreys have already left the Red List. Just last year, white-tailed eagles joined them, so now have a much brighter future. The road to recovery for more Red-Listed birds has already begun.

Please make a monthly gift today to step-up efforts to save birds still under threat, like swifts, roseate terns and curlews. There are no ‘quick-fixes’. Saving a species takes time and needs regular support. We need to act now. Together, we can change the world for birds.

Close up of a juvenile swift

Protect birds under threat


a month could help us work with famers to create better habitats for lapwings


a month could help us learn more about the diet and feeding habits of swifts


a month could create more safe nesting sites for roseate terns

Save species in four steps

We use a four-step strategy to save birds in danger. And your monthly donation today can help us at every stage.

  • From diagnosing the decline in swifts
  • To testing solutions to help curlews
  • Expanding work to help roseate terns
  • Or sustaining a recovery in white-tailed eagles

Every gift, every month, will help birds under threat enjoy a safer, more secure future in years to come.

Portrait of a roseate tern chick
A group of puffins on a cliff edge

Together, there’s hope

Make a gift with impact

Make a monthly donation today and you’ll receive a special newsletter twice a year updating you on efforts to save Red-Listed birds, alongside other vital RSPB work. Thank you for supporting us as generously as you can.