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Help secure nature’s future by becoming an RSPB member for life.

Why Life Fellowship?


The next decade is vital for nature – and the time to act is now. As an RSPB Life Fellow, you enable us to plan long-term and meet the great challenges nature is facing.

That means that together we can work to save species in danger, protect special places for wildlife, and take action for nature.


You’ll also receive:


  • A bi-annual newsletter, showing what your support is achieving. 
  • The quarterly Nature’s Home magazine, full of stunning photography and fascinating articles. 
  • FREE entry to more than 170 places to see wildlife in the wild. 
  • A welcome pack. 
  • The knowledge you’re securing the future of nature, every day. 
Variety of wildfowl on reedbed lagoon at sunset, Otmoor RSPB Nature Reserve | The RSPB


"Now is the time for nature lovers like you and I to come together and meet the challenge of our generation." 


Miranda Krestovnikoff

Become a Life Fellow today

Whether we’re managing nature reserves like the incredible Sherwood Forest, protecting vital marine environments such as around Tristan da Cunha, or saving rare species including turtle doves – Life Fellowships help us plan for the long term. They truly make a difference to nature. 

Life Fellowships are available for one or two adults at the same address. A Life Fellowship costs £810 for one adult or £1,350 for two. Whether you’re already an RSPB member or not, becoming a Life Fellow is easy. Simply contact our Supporter Services team, we’re here to help. 


Thank you for taking action for nature.

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