Dark pink heather coving the hills in the foreground, on the Llantysillio Mountains, with views of the lush green Welsh countryside in the distance, under a blue, sunny sky

Nature is stronger with you on its side. Become a Life Fellow today.

The next decade is critical to save vulnerable birds, protect special places and tackle the nature and climate emergency. The threats to the natural world are huge. But when we work together, there’s hope.

Become a member for life

By becoming an RSPB Life Fellow, you will help us carry out long-term projects and take powerful actions in defence of nature.


You will enjoy a lifelong adventure with nature, with unlimited access to our reserves.

Beautiful bluebell wood mimicking a vivid purple carpet, underneath the shade of a large tree on a sunny day

Let’s give nature a brighter future...

As a Life Fellow, you will help us to protect vulnerable birds, take care of special places, and secure a future for the wildlife you love.


More than 18,000 species have been recorded on our 200 nature reserves. Your support means we can continue to protect wildlife and the treasured places they live.


With your support, we aim to double the amount of land the RSPB manages for wildlife by 2030.

Aerial view of a flooded field landscape, with golden trees standing on flooded ground, reaching out across an area of flat countryside

…and tackle the climate crisis

When we defend the nature we love, we combat climate change.


Whether we’re storing the carbon within peat bogs or holding back the rising tides through the expansion of saltmarshes, we can reduce the effects of climate change by working with nature.


Your Life Fellowship today can help us make a safer tomorrow.

Close up view of a greenfinch perched on a branch of red/yellow berries

Save money over a lifetime

Paying for an RSPB lifetime membership could save you money
compared to paying monthly.

Dual Fellowship is available for a one-off payment of £1,350. Single Fellowship costs just £810.


As a Life Fellow you’ll also enjoy:

  • Free access to over 170 RSPB reserves for life
  • Exclusive Life Fellow membership cards
  • Nature’s Home Magazine four times a year
  • Fellows’ News, your exclusive twice-yearly newsletter
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Become a Life Fellow for a future richer in nature

If you’re interested in becoming a Life Fellow, call 01767 693 680 and we’ll get in touch with all you need to know.


Thank you for considering lifetime membership.