Shelduck, Tadorna tadorna, flock in flight showing movement, Martin Mere, Lancashire


Wildlife is being squeezed into ever smaller spaces as man's use of the landscape eats into what's left of our natural habitats.

By identifying the best places for wildlife, then ensuring they are properly protected and managed, we make sure our special places have a future.

We're saving special places

Along with other environmental groups, we have fought for many years to ensure habitats that support rare and vulnerable wildlife are protected from the worst impacts of human development.

By identifying the best places for wildlife, then ensuring they are properly protected and managed, we make sure our special places have a future.

Why are we involved?

Just as you would expect our great national cathedrals and monuments to be protected for the future, so, too, should our remaining natural places be looked after.

That's where we come in - making sure these remaining precious treasures of our natural heritage get the protection they deserve.

The following points give you an idea of the role we play in protecting and managing them. We:

  • carry out surveys to identify areas of land which should be protected, and publish our results to give decision-makers access to the best information possible
  • campaign for strong laws which protect important wildlife sites
  • speak to the government to ensure planning policies and associated guidance promote the conservation of important sites
  • influence strategic plans and oppose damaging schemes to ensure development proposals do not harm important wildlife sites
  • give advice to our supporters so they can get involved and give nature a voice.

With areas for wildlife becoming increasingly small and fragmented all over the world, these pages show you how we are securing our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

Contractors moving back the sea wall to protect the freshwater reedbeds, Titchwell Marsh RSPB reserve, Norfolk

Map of cases

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    • A11 Dualling

      A11 Dualling

      The proposed works on the A11 is a real opportunity to deliver improvements to this road & ensure the wildlife of this special area is not harmed.

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    • A6 Dualling Proposals

      A6 Dualling Proposals

      The site supports almost 46,000 waterbirds in the winter, including internationally important numbers of whooper swans.

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    • Aberdeen Offshore Demonstration Wind Farm

      Aberdeen Offshore Demonstration Wind Farm

      We support the development of renewables, including offshore wind, however this must not be at the expense of Scotland’s bird populations or other wildlife.

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    • Able Logistics Park

      Able Logistics Park

      If these developments continue it is likely that birds such as black-tailed godwits will cease using their favoured feeding grounds.

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    • Able Marine Energy Park

      Able Marine Energy Park

      The development would result in the loss of 45 hectares (112 acres) of estuarine habitat, which internationally important wildlife relies on heavily for its survival.

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    • Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm

      Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm

      The implications of the wind farm on the areas birds and nearby habitats needs to be fully assessed.

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    • Beinneun Wind Farm

      Beinneun Wind Farm

      A 25-turbine wind farm was proposed near Fort Augustus, Highland, by Ridge Wind. We were initially concerned as the site is close to breeding common scoters.

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    • Benshinnie Wind Farm, Dumfries and Galloway

      Benshinnie Wind Farm, Dumfries and Galloway

      RSPB Scotland has provided a written response to the scoping report outlining our significant concerns about this proposed wind farm development.

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    • Black Law Wind Farm

      Black Law Wind Farm

      We are very pleased by the outcome of this case – a well-sited, large windfarm producing electricity sustainably, with the added bonus of substantial habitat management for wildlife benefit.

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    • Catfield Fen

      Catfield Fen

      We must fight to protect Catfield Fen and Sutton Fen because the reserves are the 'best of the best' within one of Europe’s most important wetland sites.

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    • Clyde Extension Wind Farm

      Clyde Extension Wind Farm

      We're concerned the environmental assessment for the Clyde Wind Farm Extension does not take full account of the impacts on protected habitats and species.

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    • Coul Links

      Coul Links

      A proposed golf course threatens a protected area of valuable coastal dune habitat, home to many species of wildlife.

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    • Dakatcha Woodland

      Dakatcha Woodland

      In February 2012, the Kenyan environment regulator (NEMA) has refused permission for a biofuel project that could have completely destroyed Dakatcha Woodland.

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    • Saint Helena

      Saint Helena

      Construction of an airport & the development of a tourism industry in St Helena may have a profound effect on the environment & it's unique wildlife.

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    • Danube Delta

      Danube Delta

      The Danube Delta is well known as one of Europe's premier wetlands and the Danube Delta Special Protection Area (SPA) is home to over 320 bird species.

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    • Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project

      Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project

      Four hundred years ago, the Essex coast was a wild and stunning place, a haven for wildlife and a source of livelihood for local communities.

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    • West Brandon road and housing

      West Brandon road and housing

      Rare and vulnerable birds of the Brecks are under threat from development in one of the UK's most unique and wildlife rich landscapes.

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    • Willow Wind Farm

      Willow Wind Farm

      RSPB Scotland has significant concerns about plans to put turbines between established feeding and roosting grounds used regularly by the geese.

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    • West Pennine Moors: A time to celebrate

      West Pennine Moors: A time to celebrate

      After a wait of more than ten years, Natural England notified the West Pennine Moors as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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    • Walshaw Moor and Northern England’s protected blanket bogs

      Walshaw Moor and Northern England’s protected blanket bogs

      This case began with the RSPB's concerns over Natural England's actions in relation to an upland shooting estate, Walshaw Moor, in the South Pennines.

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    • Waterhead Moor

      Waterhead Moor

      The windfarm planned for Waterhead Moor, in Ayrshire would have been so damaging to wildlife that we felt we must oppose it.

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    • Viking (Shetland) proposed wind farm

      Viking (Shetland) proposed wind farm

      Although the Scottish Government has consented this wind farm we acknowledge the impacts on bird populations will be smaller compared to the original proposals.

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    • Serengeti highway

      Serengeti highway

      The Serengeti National Park is one of the most recognisable national parks in the world but could be severed by government plans for a major commercial highway.

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    • Via Baltica

      Via Baltica

      Important wildlife sites in NE Poland are under threat from damage by a series of road projects on the so called 'Via Baltica' international road corridor.

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    • The Severn Estuary

      The Severn Estuary

      The Severn Estuary and its wildlife is under threat from a proposal to build an enormous barrage to generate electricity from the Severn's huge tides

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    • Strathy North

      Strathy North

      Scottish and Southern’s 33-turbine wind farm at Strathy North was consented although RSPB Scotland maintained its objection & construction has begun

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    • The Lyth Valley

      The Lyth Valley

      The Environment Agency's decision to turn off some of the pumps in the Lyth Valley could provide real opportunities for enhancing wetland habitat restoration.

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    • Thames Estuary

      Thames Estuary

      We are opposed to the construction of an airport in the Thames Estuary, including the latest proposals put forward as part of the Government-commissioned review.

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    • Stacain Wind Farm

      Stacain Wind Farm

      The application for a 14-turbine windfarm at Stacain was refused by Scottish Ministers in October 2009 due to unacceptable effects on golden eagle.

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    • Strathy Wood

      Strathy Wood

      E.ON developers have applied for an 18-turbine windfarm, Strathy Wood, between Strathy North and Strathy South and immediately to the east

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    • Tana River Delta

      Tana River Delta

      One of the most important wetlands in Africa is in danger of drowning under a plethora of proposed developments.

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    • Talbot Heath

      Talbot Heath

      A housing development that could have spelt disaster for the unique, wonderful and protected wildlife of Talbot Heath has been turned down by the Government.

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    • Stornoway Wind Farm

      Stornoway Wind Farm

      Although we objected to proposals, removing turbines & providing data in a format which allows predicted impacts to be verified enabled us to drop our objection.

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    • Saundby Wind Farm

      Saundby Wind Farm

      A proposal for wind turbines close to Beckingham Marshes nature reserve to make sure local wildlife and our own reserve management objectives are not harmed.

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    • Spango Wind Farm

      Spango Wind Farm

      We are concerned that Community Windpower Limited is pursuing a wind farm project within an internationally important wildlife site in Dumfries and Galloway

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    • Rosyth International Container Terminal

      Rosyth International Container Terminal

      We are supporting Scottish Natural Heritage's objection to a new development that could cause significant harm to the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area.

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    • Sizewell C new nuclear power station, Suffolk

      Sizewell C new nuclear power station, Suffolk

      The proposed Sizewell C development has the potential to have a major impact on one of the most wildlife rich areas of the UK.

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    • Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters – Wave & Tidal Renewable Energy

      Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters – Wave & Tidal Renewable Energy

      Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters offer significant renewable energy resources in the form of wave and tidal stream activity.

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    • Donna Nook Managed Realignment

      Donna Nook Managed Realignment

      East Lindsey Council have refused the Environment Agency permission to create new intertidal habitat at Donna Nook.

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    • Pairc Wind Farm, Lewis

      Pairc Wind Farm, Lewis

      We have objected to an application which was submitted to Scottish Ministers by Scottish and Southern Energy for 26 turbines.

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    • Eisgein Wind Farm, Lewis

      Eisgein Wind Farm, Lewis

      We oppose windfarm proposals at Eisgein, Lewis which threaten an important population of golden eagles and are likely to slow the spread of white-tailed eagles.

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    • Navitus Bay Wind Park

      Navitus Bay Wind Park

      We need to work hard to ensure that any renewable energy development is sited in the right place with minimal impact to the environment.

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    • Falkland Islands

      Falkland Islands

      The Falkland Islands are home to spectacular wildlife including internationally important populations of seabirds, penguins and a rich marine life.

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    • Musdale Wind Farm, Argyll and Bute

      Musdale Wind Farm, Argyll and Bute

      We are extremely concerned about a major wind farm proposal on a site which could have significant impacts on nationally important bird species.

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    • Filey Bay

      Filey Bay

      Filey Bay has given life to generations of seabirds, but in recent years it has also claimed many victims.

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    • Moray Firth wind farms

      Moray Firth wind farms

      Scottish Government is considering two offshore wind farm applications that represent a significant scale of development not previously seen in Scottish waters.

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    • Lower Thames Crossing

      Lower Thames Crossing

      Highways England are currently consulting on a new crossing on the Lower Thames as an additional route to the existing Dartford crossings.

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    • Menie golf course development

      Menie golf course development

      Plans for a golf course, resort and housing at Menie, Aberdeen have been consented, but they will lead to extensive damage to a protected sand dune system.

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    • Lodge Hill, Chattenden Woods, Kent

      Lodge Hill, Chattenden Woods, Kent

      The fight to stop the development of up to 5,000 houses on one of the most important sites in the country for the already struggling nightingale.

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    • M4 motorway diversion around Newport, Gwent

      M4 motorway diversion around Newport, Gwent

      A new motorway could be built south of Newport across the nationally important Gwent Levels.

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    • Forth and Tay Wind Farms

      Forth and Tay Wind Farms

      Scottish Ministers have granted consent for four offshore wind farm developments in the Firths of Forth and Tay region.

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    • Forthbank wind turbines, Clackmannanshire

      Forthbank wind turbines, Clackmannanshire

      We are pleased to report that planning permission for two turbines that could have potentially impacted on the Firth of Forth has been refused.

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    • Glen App and Loch Ree

      Glen App and Loch Ree

      Scottish Power Renewables hope to construct a large wind farm on a site surrounded by an area designated for its importance for breeding hen harriers.

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    • High speed 2

      High speed 2

      The proposed high-speed rail link has prompted tough questions about how we plan our future transport needs, reduce our carbon footprint and protect wildlife.

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    • Lake Natron

      Lake Natron

      A huge number of lesser flamingos depend on Tanzania's Lake Natron as a breeding site, threatened by a large scale soda ash development

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    • Hunterston Power Station

      Hunterston Power Station

      We are delighted that on 26 June 2012 Peel Energy announced that it is to withdraw its application for the proposed coal-fired power station at Hunterston

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    • Hywind Scotland Pilot Park

      Hywind Scotland Pilot Park

      Statoil has submitted plans to build the first floating wind farm off the Scottish east coast.

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    • Kaliakra


      Since 2007, over 360 projects have been proposed for the area that will cause direct loss of almost all areas where red-breasted geese feed during winter.

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    • Wings Law

      Wings Law

      We are concerned about a proposal for a windfarm in North Ayrshire close to a Special Protected Area designated for hen harriers, a UK species of the highest conservation priority.

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