Humber estuary. Saltmarsh at Pyewipe, Grimsby.

Industry cases

Working closely with developers, we help prevent damaging industrial developments going ahead in the wrong places.

By doing this, we help to ensure economic development are able to go ahead without causing unacceptable or significant damage to sensitive sites and important places for nature.


David Douglas (Conservation Scientist) heads up a team looking into the effects of a wind farm on Golden plover Pluvialis apricaria, Sutherland, Scotland

Able Logistics Park

Campaigning to protect wildlife as part of the Able UK, South Humber Gateway development.

Closed The Humber Estuary
 Humber estuary. Saltmarsh at Pyewipe, Grimsby.

Able Marine Energy Park

Campaigning to ensure that the Able UK Marine Energy Park is wildlife friendly and not detrimental to nature.

Closed The Humber Estuary
Redshank at Brownsea Island Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve, Dorset

Hunterston Power Station

We are delighted Peel Energy announced a withdrawal of its application for the coal-fired power station at Hunterston.


Lake Natron

Three-quarters of the world population of lesser flamingos depend on Tanzania's Lake Natron as a breeding site.

Ringed plover charadrius hiaticula, adult amongst razorshells. Side view. Titchwell beach, Norfolk

Rosyth International Container Terminal

We are supporting Scottish Natural Heritage's objection to a development which could cause significant harm to the SPA.

Open Firth of Forth
Blue wood texture background

Saint Helena

Construction of an airport & the development of tourism in St Helena may have a profound effect on the environment.


Shetland Spaceport

Proposed Unst Spaceport agrees that no rockets would be launched in main bird breeding season to reduce impacts.

Oil seed rape, RSPB Hope Farm, Cambridgeshire

Tana River Delta

One of the most important wetlands in Africa is in danger of drowning under a plethora of proposed developments.


Industry megasites

Puffin Fratercula arctica, group, Isle of May National Nature reserve

Firth of Forth

Nature conservation designations across the Firth of Forth reflect the importance of this area.

 Humber estuary. Saltmarsh at Pyewipe, Grimsby.

The Humber Estuary

We are working to ensure that future development on the Humber complies with international law.