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Devolution in England

From mayors to local councils, our local leaders have an important role to play in protecting and restoring the natural environment at a local level

Working with devolved leaders in England to ensure nature is a priority

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In some areas of England, powers and funding have been transferred from National Government to locally elected Metro Mayors. These leaders play an important role in making their region more nature friendly, as well as advocating for greener policies both locally and nationally.


For that reason, we have expanded our political advocacy in England to not only focus on Westminster Government, but also to help local leaders tackle the nature and climate emergency where they live.

National to local

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Much of the national laws and policies to restore nature and tackle the climate emergency are put into practice at a local level. We want to help local leaders drive nature’s recovery in their regions, using their local knowledge to ensure that the right actions happen in the right place and involve local communities.


This local action should join up across the country to contribute to national targets set at Westminster.

Local decision making for nature

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We are calling on metro mayors to deliver greener, cleaner and wildlife-rich city regions by:

  • Ensuring nature is considered in all decision-making
  • Increasing accessible nature-rich greenspace
  • Putting nature at the heart of local development plans
  • Investing in nature-based solutions to fight the climate emergency
  • Promoting active travel through new cycle routes and footpaths
  • Supporting green businesses with financial or resource incentives
  • Pressing Westminster Government to put nature at the heart of national policy

Recovering together

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Metro Mayors have a chance to improve access to nature for people of all economic or ethnic backgrounds. By supporting and prioritising nature and natural green space, evidence shows that it can improve the health and wellbeing of communities as well as creating jobs and investment.


More trees, parks, wetlands and wildflowers where we live are good for us, but they are also good for wildlife, and the environment too. The only question is why we aren’t investing more already.

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