A tiny gem in our chain of rich Dearne Valley reserves, Gypsy Marsh is a meadow with fen at one end, dry grassland at the other. Take time to explore and you'll find beautiful wildflowers including orchids, dingy skipper butterflies, plus birds like yellowhammers and reed buntings.

  • Gypsy Marsh is open at all times.
  • Dogs are welcome on the designated rights of way.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times, due to the sensitive wildlife, habitats and grazing cattle hereWe know that the countryside is a dog walking paradise. It’s important to remember the special surroundings here are wonderful havens for rare wildlife too. Even if dogs are very well behaved, wildlife and livestock can easily become startled by a loose dog they perceive as a predator 

Disturbing wildlife does more than simply causing it to move away; it uses up their energy, decreasing their chance of survival regardless of season. Thank you for protecting the special wildlife here by keeping your dog on a lead at Gypsy Marsh. 


The reserve is just a five minute walk from our parent site Old Moor - please visit Dearne Valley - Old Moor for further details.