RSPB Cymru calls on political parties for a Green Recovery for the people and nature of Wales

Rhys Aneurin

Friday 25 September 2020

RSPB Cymru are today launching their Five-step to a Green Recovery, a manifesto that will help create a sustainable economy and address the nature and climate crises.

  • A Green Recovery will deliver economic benefits and provide a healthier, fairer society by restoring nature and creating resilient ecosystems.
  • RSPB Cymru calls for all Wales’ political parties to commit to implementing the Five-Steps in their Senedd Elections 2021 manifestos.

Today, RSPB Cymru are launching their visionary Five Steps to a Green Recovery. The manifesto outlines what needs to be done to create a sustainable economy and a healthier, fairer society whilst restoring nature and the ecosystems on which we all depend.

The Five Steps to a Green Recovery are:

1. Sustainable jobs and infrastructure
2. Strong environmental protections
3. Resilient and nature-rich land and seas
4. Healthy citizens
5. Welsh Government leadership

Green Recovery, a concept supported by world leading economists, is a pathway to rebuilding the economy by addressing the climate and nature crises and securing a healthy environment for everyone.

The need for a Green Recovery, in Wales and around the world, is plain to see. There is growing evidence that nature in Wales is declining, with the State of Nature 2019 report stating that one in six species in Wales are threatened with extinction and the State of Natural Resources report highlighting that none of our ecosystems are resilient.

Moreover, the UN’s Global Biodiversity Outlook Report [published last week, 15 September], shows that the world has failed in reaching the Aichi Targets (a set of targets to halt the decline of nature that were established during the 2010 Convention on Biological Diversity).

Concurrently, the RSPB’s Lost Decade report, also published last week, highlights the UK’s failure in halting the decline of biodiversity, and shows that out of the 20 Aichi Targets, the UK has failed to reach 14, and has even gone backwards on six of the targets.

RSPB Cymru Director, Katie-Jo Luxton, said:

“The alarming reports last week have shown that we have a lot of work ahead of us if we are to save nature from irreversible destruction. People and the planet are at risk of suffering even more if we don’t change the way we do things now. We must have a Green Recovery to halt the loss of biodiversity, reverse climate change and create a more resilient society.

“It’s now vital that all political parties in Wales implement Green Recovery in their manifestos, ahead of the Senedd Election next year. The Welsh Government has already shown a commitment to achieve the ambitions of the Convention on Biological Diversity this week in the Edinburgh Declaration, but this needs to be met with clear, dedicated action for nature at home. If we make the right decisions now, we can recover better and build the equitable, climate-safe, nature-rich, healthy Wales that we all want and need.”



1. The full version of the Five steps to a Green Recovery manifesto can be viewed here. It includes a detailed summary for each of the five steps.

2. The Lost Decade report looks at the UK’s performance and progress in reaching the Aichi Targets, a set of targets established during the 2010 Convention on Biological Diversity in Japan. The report highlights how the UK has failed to reach 14 of the targets and has gone backwards on six of the targets.

3. The RSPB last week [15 September] launched a new campaign, Revive Our World, pushing for legally binding targets to restore nature by 2030 and for a green recovery from the pandemic across the UK.

4. The Edinburgh Declaration is a commitment from subnational and local governments around the world to step up and play a stronger role in protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

5. The State of Nature 2019 report was produced by a coalition of UK environmental charities and organisations. The full Welsh summary can be found here.

6. The State of Natural Resources was produced by Natural Resources Wales.

Last Updated: Thursday 15 April 2021

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