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The RSPB is a charity for the conservation of birds and nature. We bring people together who love birds and other wildlife, and who want to take action to restore the health and diversity of the natural world.

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We carry out conservation on a large scale, protect and restore habitats, and save species from extinction. We’re living in a nature and climate emergency, and we won’t stop whilst the threats persist.  

Our work is driven by science and evidence. It’s rooted in five areas: species, science, place, policy and people.


The survival of wildlife species is the best sign of whether conservation is working. That’s why we work to protect them from a huge variety of threats, like habitat loss, decline of food sources and threats from introduced species.

We take action to save species on the verge of global extinction and reduce the declines of many more. We’re proud play a part in helping species as diverse as the Bittern, Crane, Gannet, vultures and Saiga Antelope.


Our world-leading research allows us to take a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the overarching problems facing nature and the planet, and then identify the solutions that make a real difference.

We establish the conservation interventions that will have the most impact, and then we monitor and test these actions to measure success.

The State of Nature report, a partnership report led by RSPB scientists, is the definitive stock-take on how nature is doing in the UK, what’s causing species to decline, and what’s needed to turn things around.  


Nature needs other nature to survive. That’s why we work to create more, bigger, better and well-connected protected areas for nature on land and at sea. We manage more than 200 nature reserves in the UK from the Shetlands to the Suffolk coast.

Our work with partners stretches around the world: from establishing marine protected areas three times the size of the UK in the South Atlantic, to recovering an area of steppe grassland in Kazakhstan larger than Denmark.    


To save nature, we must tackle the drivers of its decline, and put laws, policies and funding in place to help save it. All too often, political decisions don’t consider nature. That’s why we’ve been advocating, campaigning, influencing and successfully securing laws to protect nature for 135 years.

From securing a ban on industrial sandeel fishing which protects food sources for Puffins and other seabirds, to helping to secure legally-binding targets for nature’s restoration within the UK Government’s Environment Act; taking action will always be at the heart of what we do at the RSPB.   


We’re all connected by the wonder of nature. The health of the natural world is fundamental to the survival of all species – including us. Together with our incredible 1.2 million members, our supporters, volunteers, communities, farmers, campaigners, landowners, business leaders, partners and many more, we all work to save nature.

From inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to connect with nature as part of Big Garden Birdwatch; to working as a hands-on conservation volunteer, we want to enthuse everyone and ensure the broadest possible support for our cause. Nature is in crisis. By working together, we can save it. 

Our impact

We have the capacity and expertise to make a difference on a global scale. Our work provides clear proof that – with the right help – nature, birds and other wildlife can bounce back.   

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