Blackbird, Turdus merula


I see a bird with a bright orange beak, with black coloured feathers and brown legs and's a blackbird!

The blackbird

  • Black feathers mean I'm a male blackbird - brown feathers mean I'm a female
  • I eat worms from your lawn
  • My song is one of the best you will ever hear
  • I love to scratch around in autumn leaves

Feeding time!

I spy two blackbirds feeding their chicks

I spy two blackbirds feeding their chicks,
snug in a nest that is made out of sticks!

Blackbirds feeding video still

Listen to a blackbird sing!

Niels Krabbe, Xeno-canto

Make your own blackbird mask!

'Wild Art' event, young girl taking part in activity, Coombes Valley RSPB reserve, Leek
Colour it in to look just like a blackbird

Colour in a blackbird!

Children doing activities, RSPB Ribble Discovery Centre
Get your crayons out! Here's a blackbird colouring sheet