By making a significant gift to the RSPB you will help us protect and improve habitats in the UK and beyond, reversing the decline of threatened birds and other species that depend upon these precious places.

A pair of Gannets on the edge of a cliff next to the sea.
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Nature is in crisis, together we can save it

From now until 2030, we'll be focusing on some ambitious plans and targets – working together with you to collectively change the fate of nature.

  • We aim to double our land holding by 2030.
  • We'll continue to focus on our priority list of species and help nurture their recovery, through a combination of research, partnerships, landscape-scale conservation and policy work.
  • Our work will continue to reach far beyond the UK, working with our partners to help protect habitats and save endangered birds and wildlife overseas.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact the Philanthropy Team on 07935014949 or email Philanthropy@rspb.org.uk

Supporting our programmes and initiatives that positively impact nature

Gough Island Restoration

“Being involved with the Gough Island Restoration Programme from the research and planning stage right up to now, with the delivery of the eradication operation underway, has felt like a tremendous journey. Through attending events, reading newsletters, and watching video footage from conservationists on the island itself, it has been truly exciting to see such an ambitious undertaking come to fruition.”

Julia Maynard, London

Albatross Task Force

"We have been fortunate enough to see these beautiful birds in the wild so when we heard through the RSPB about the aim to cut the fatalities that occur around fishing vessels, we were keen to help. Since we began supporting this project, we’ve had regular updates and have seen how our support is making a difference. We feel we have personally been able to help drive progress in this area and our involvement has been very worthwhile."

Christine and David W, Cumbria

A pair of Black-browed albatross touching beaks on a cliffs edge.

Birds without Borders

“We wanted to support 'Birds without Borders' to help halt the catastrophic decline of four important migrant species which has occurred in the last fifty years. Conservationists have now been able to uncover new evidence of the causes of the decline, resulting in the EU banning the shooting of turtle doves at certain times of the year. It has been hugely fulfilling to see this project make such important advancements and to witness the impact of our support”

Charles and Angela Chadwyck-Healey, Cambridge

A lone Turtle Dove perched on a branch against a blurred forest background.

Otmoor land acquisition

"In the late 1990s we played a part to help the RSPB acquire 400 hectares of the Otmoor floodplain and were delighted to see it transformed from an arable prairie into a vast wetland which attracts thousands of waders every winter. We have watched with fascination the development of meadowland holdings on the Upper Ray floodplain both by the RSPB and the local Wildlife Trust. So when we heard about the Otmoor Farm extension we were again once eager to support the opportunity to significantly increase this tremendously important habitat.”

Peter and Diana, Buckinghamshire

Be part of the solution

If you are considering making a significant gift, our Philanthropy Team would be delighted to hear from you. You will get a dedicated contact within the team who will:

  • Ensure your investment makes the most impact
  • Keep you informed along the way by sending personal updates on the issues you care about the most
  • Offer you invitations to our exclusive events and webinars
A group of people sitting down on wooden chairs, in a yurt, listening to a presentation.

Contact Us

To discuss making a gift or to discover more please email philanthropy@rspb.org.uk or call Sarah Standing on 07935014949

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