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Get the lowdown on what campaigning is, why we do it and how you can get involved.

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What is campaigning?

Campaigning is about making change happen. For many of our campaigns this ultimately means changes to political policy and law. We’ve been campaigning for nature since 1899 – the year we were formed - and we’ve become pretty good at it. You can find out more about our approach to campaigning here.  

Why do we do it?

Because it works! Our founders successfully campaigned against the use of feather plumes in women’s hats in the fashion industry. Ever since we’ve used our voice to successfully influence crucial decisions for nature.  Together with a passionate community of supporters by our side, we’ve challenged those in power to make sure they make the right choices that benefit our wildlife and all of us. You can read about some of our most successful campaigns here.

A crowd of people, marching, holding a large Avocet puppet above them using bamboo poles.

Nature needs us now more than ever

The wildlife we love needs us to act now.  The UK is one of the most nature-depleted places on earth and much of our wildlife is continuing to decline. We’ve seen 38 million birds vanish from our skies in the last 50 years, 97% of our wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s, and a quarter of all our mammals are at risk of extinction from the UK.  
But the good news is there’s still time to fix this, we just need our governments to urgently act. 

The next General Election could be a turning point for nature. The UK has committed to halt the loss of wildlife and protect 30% of our land and seas for nature by 2030. Those we elect at this General Election will play a vital role in whether this happens or not. 

Future generations deserve a world free from the threat of climate catastrophe and where nature is thriving. It’s up to all of us to speak up now so politicians of all parties make the right decisions for nature, people and the planet. 

How can you get involved?

This is where passionate people like you come in! We need as many people as possible to call on governments across the UK to tackle the nature and climate emergencies and put nature’s recovery at the heart of policymaking. When we campaign together, a brighter, thriving future for our birds and other wildlife is possible. 

Become a campaign champion

We’d love to have you on board! Join us as a campaigner and help us speak up and shout out for a brighter, thriving future for the wildlife you love. You’ll get guidance and support and be the first to know about opportunities to take action online and in your community.  

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The different ways you can campaign for nature

Want to find out more about the campaigning actions you can take for nature? Head to our Action for Nature page for guides and advice on the ways you can speak up. 

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