Nature Can't Wait

Nature is in crisis, and time’s running out for politicians to protect and restore it. In the past ten years, the threats facing nature have got even worse. The State of Nature report makes this clear.

But we’re still not giving up. 

The answer is simple. We need all politicians to put nature at the heart of their decision-making. They can do this by acting on the clear solutions that will give nature a chance to recover.  That’s all it takes. They’ll help us breathe clean air, drink clean water, swim in clean rivers, and hear the sound of birdsong in the morning. It would mean healthy nature, healthy people, healthy economy and healthy everything: for us, and future generations.  If we call for these solutions, and politicians act, we can protect nature.   #NatureCantWait 

Solutions to protect nature across the UK

The majority of the laws and policies which impact on nature are different in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We’ve set out what we believe are the priorities for each country and the actions we need politicians to commit to.