Field margin at RSPB's Hope farm, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire

Nature of Farming Award

Although the award itself is no longer active, for many years, it's promoted the positive work of farmers helping nature thrive on their land.

The RSPB believes such heroes should continue to be championed. We will continue working with farmers, campaigning for a countryside richer in nature and promoting these nature heroes – we need more of them in the future.

In praise of wildlife-friendly farmers

Hear from some of our previous winners in this short video.

Farmers' role as ‘custodians of the countryside’ is more important than ever. Four previous winners of ‘The Nature of Farming Awards’ talk about their passion for nature and why wildlife-friendly farming can also make commercial sense

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Our partners

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The Nature of Farming award is supported by:


The Nature of Farming Award is funded by the EU Life+ programme, safeguarding the future of our farmland birds under the EU Birds Directive.

Find out more on the EU Life website.


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