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Love nature? Want to know how you can help it? Join the RSPB’s Stephen Magee as he explores some of Scotland’s nature spectacles on our reserves, from discovering lichens in the wilds of the temperate rainforest to watching wintering wildfowl return to vast lochs. In each episode, you’ll hear from RSPB staff and volunteers, working on the ground to protect and restore nature.

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Nature News from RSPB Scotland is jam-packed with tips and tricks on what you can look and listen out for as the seasons change.  You’ll learn how to take part in The Big Garden Birdwatch and discover handy hints on listening to the dawn chorus.  

Stephen will be joined by expert voices on how to tackle the climate and nature crises. In previous episodes, he has investigated the disturbing reality of the illegal killing of birds of prey and explored how the RSPB is working to save native wildlife in Orkney. 

How to Listen to Birds Episode 3

In Episode 3 of ‘How to Listen to Birds’, Stephen is visiting RSPB Scotland’s Abernethy nature reserve. Assistant Warden Ewan Craig is his guide as they take a walk through the stunning pine forest. There are noisy Goldcrests making a sound that belies their tiny size. Ewan has an odd way to remember the song of the Chaffinch. And the pair luck out with a pine forest specialist, the Crested Tit.

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A view of a lush green woodland at Abernethy, with a forest floor full of greenery.
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