Royal mail celebrates migratory birds with new stamp collection

Royal Mail miogrant bird illustration stamps

The Royal Mail celebrates the magnificence of migratory birds this spring with a new set of stamps featuring some of our most iconic summer visitors.

Royal Mail miogrant bird illustration stamps

The set of ten first class stamps showcase the rich variety of the migratory birds, from the familiar swifts and swallows to arctic terns, nightjars and yellow wagtails.

Each bird was chosen in consultation with the RSPB’s Professor Richard Gregory, head of monitoring conservation science, who wrote the accompanying text.

The stamps feature intricate new illustrations of each species, by renowned Irish ornithologist Killian Mullarney.

Richard said: “It is fantastic to see the Royal Mail celebrating these wonderful birds who every year make miraculous journeys to the UK to raise their young. Many of the birds featured are priority species for the RSPB, meaning they have suffered real declines in the last few years. We hope that the stamps will help highlight the diversity of our summer visitors, the troubles they are facing and encourage people to find out more about their amazing journeys to get here.”

The featured birds are the Arctic skua, Montagu’s harrier, pied flycatcher, swallow, turtle dove, Arctic tern, nightjar, stone-curlew, swift and yellow wagtail.

The stamps are available to order here.

More information about some of our migratory birds can be found here.